Train to become a Driving Instructor

When you sign up for the full course you will receive everything you will need to complete your training. To qualify as an Approved Driving Instructor you will have to pass three tests set by the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

When you train with Accelerate Driving Instructor Training you will receive 70 hours of training and all of the workbooks and DVDs to help you pass.

For Parts 1 & Parts 2 you will receive 20 hours, some of these can be used for theory help for the Part 1 test if needed.

This then leaves 50 hours for the Part three training, this will only be on a 1:1 basis no car sharing with head trainer Stephen Paraskeva.

You can have a suitability assessment for a 2-hour session, in this session you can have a go at instructing and fault finding. You can also have your driving assessed, if you decide to sign up for the full course the money paid for the assessment will be deducted.

For all training there will be a car supplied, this car will be fitted with dual controls. All training must be completed within 1 year from starting the course.

If you would like to find out more about Accelerate driving instructor training please contact Stephen, he can then send you out an ebook on What’s it really like to become a driving Instructor.

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Instructor Training

Joining the company as a franchisee

At Accelerate driving school we offer a very competitive franchise to all our instructors, most of our instructors have been trained in house. Because we have such a good reputation in the areas we cover, we are always looking to take on other driving instructors. Anyone wishing to join the company will be assessed by Stephen our head trainer, free training will be given if needed.

All Accelerate driving instructors receive free training as part of their franchise each year if they require it, here at Accelerate we work to high standards this is reflected in our above average lesson fees. I have always tried to have a good work life balance, so by earning a good hourly wage our instructor can work less hours each week.

If you are interested in more information about joining our friendly local company,

Please call Steve on 01225 683123