• "I would recommend Accelerate Driving School to anyone & everyone! I had a few lessons with another instructor but I wasn't really getting the most out of them. Since moving over to Accelerate, I have gained a significant amount of confidence & skill behind the wheel due to Steve's relaxed but professional approach to teaching. If you're looking for a driving school but cant decide which one to go with, my advice is go with Accelerate - you wont be disappointed!" Scott Fallon of Bath

    Scott Fallon

  • " I would like to thank Aaron for teaching me to drive, the lessons were a lot easier and less stressful than how I thought they would be. You were extremely patient kind and reassuring which made me enjoy each lesson, my confidence in driving increased so much. I would recommend you because you will not find a more relaxing and fun instructor. Thanks again keeley Seymour" of Bath.

    keeley Seymour

  • Accelerate Bath Driving School had so many good reviews I decided to give them a try, my instructor was Aaron who was really good. He made the lessons really enjoyable and made me feel at ease. Thanks you for all your help Ana Gaona Galiana of Bath

    Ana Gaona Galiana

  • I would really like to thank Steve my driving instructor from Accelerate Bath Driving School. He is an amazing and friendly driving instructor. Steve was calm throughout all my driving lessons and tried to explain every single detail in driving to me. And with his help I managed to pass my driving test first time. Ali RahimSalehi of Bath

    Ali RahimSalehi

  • "I chose Accelerate Bath Driving School, because of all the great reviews on their website. I was having problems with my previous instructor, and was not making progress with him. At the beginning I found the new style of training harder than in the past, but I soon got used to the new methods that Steve used. It was really good to review the last lesson each time and then set a goal for the new lesson, and recap it at the end. This helped me to understand where I was going and what I needed to do. I have already recommended Steve from Accelerate I think he is a brilliant coach he helped me loads compared to my previous instructor.

    Jess Asquith-Dagger

  • “I chose Accelerate Bath Driving School after seeing all the good reviews on the website, I found learning to drive was easier than I expected due to the instruction that I received. I liked the way that Steve my driving instructor was always there to help if I needed it, he would explain things in a calm manner which helped me to relax. I thought the lessons were good value for money, and would recommend Accelerate Bath Driving School to everyone.” Iain Grundy of Bath

    Iain Grundy

  • “I contacted Steve at Accelerate Bath because of all the positive feedback and reviews I saw on his website. I found learning to drive to be easy because Steve really makes you feel comfortable on the driving lessons, and I thought his teaching methods were amazing. I would recommend Steve because he gives you all the support that you need to pass your driving test.” Douglas Nascimento of Bath

    Douglas Nascimento

  • “It was lucky that I found your business card, but it was not luck that I passed my driving test 1st time with just 1 minor fault with you. I thought learning to drive would be very stressful, but it was actually very enjoyable. I found my driving instructor Steve to be very calm and knowledgeable, he was always very patient with my learning, it was also nice to share a joke now and then. I would recommend Steve to everyone as he made me look forward to my driving lessons, thanks again.” Jacques Miche Of Bath

    Jacques Miche

  • “I used a discount voucher to start my driving lessons with Accelerate Bath Driving School, but the information that Stephen my driving instructor gave me was priceless. I did find the driving lessons harder than I thought they would be at the start, but with Stephens help I soon mastered all the different techniques that I needed to pass the test and also to become a safe driver. I thought the teaching methods used were very good, and would recommend Accelerate Bath Driving School to all my friends. Thanks for all your help.” Alastair Dagger of Clutton

    Alastair Dagger

  • “I would really like to thank Steve from Accelerate Bath Driving School for helping me pass my driving test, you were very friendly and professional in the driving lessons. I learnt faster than I expected, you were patient and created a relaxed atmosphere on the driving lessons. I would recommend Steve, he does not pressurise you and keeps everything safe. I do not think anything could be improved with your customer service, thanks again Steve.” Holly Press of Bath

    Holly Press

  • “I would like to thank Stephen Paraskeva from Accelerate Bath Driving School, for helping me pass my practical driving test. Stephens teaching methods were a lot different from my old instructor, he uses more of a coaching style but also is direct with his instruction. He tells you how it is, which I found really helped me to pass. I really enjoyed the lessons with him and I would recommend him to all my friends, thanks again” Michael Castignetti of Bath

    Michael Castignetti

  • ” I would like to thank Steve from Accelerate Bath Driving School for helping me pass my practical driving test 1st time, Steve was recommended to me and I found learning to drive with him easier than I thought it would be. His instructional techniques in the driving lessons made it very easy to learn, I would recommend Steve as a driving instructor because I passed with just a few driving lessons thanks again.” Karis Little of Bath

    Karis Little

  • “I would really like to thank Steve for teaching me to drive, I think he is a brilliant instructor.I thought his teaching methods were really good, and would recommend Accelerate Bath Driving School to all my friends. You didn’t just help me pass the driving test but also made me a safe driver thanks again.” Joe Symonds of Bath

    Joe Symonds

  • “The instruction that I received from Steve was concise, he was very patient at all times. I found his teaching methods very encouraging, and he always gave a thorough explanation to any questions that I had. I would recommend Steve to all my friends, he was very professional and had a excellent manner”. Lloyd Evans of Bath

    Lloyd Evans

  • ” Having recently moved to bath I chose Accelerate bath Driving School because of the reviews I read on Google. I was not disappointed by the instruction that I received, it was brilliant especially the in car video. I was able to watch back my lessons and really learn from them. I would highly recommend Accelerate Driving School to all my friends. Thanks Steve for helping me pass.” Ijtaba Hussain, Bath

    Ijtaba Hussain

  • “Since changing to Stephen Paraskeva at Accelerate Bath Driving School from my old instructor, I am now learning a lot better. There is now a structure to the lessons, we recap the last lesson at the start. Then we decide together what i need to work on in the lesson, and at the end with questions he finds out what i have learnt in the lesson. He also fills in a progress sheet to keep a record of what i have covered and how i am doing in each subject. We then discuss what we will work on in the next lesson, so i have a chance to find out about the subject. I really prefer the different way he teaches, it has really boosted my confidence. I now understand why i need to do certain things when i am driving thanks Steve.” Jessica Asquith Dagger, Bath

    Jessica Asquith Dagger

  • Greg Hawkins 1st time practical driving test pass 29th September. "I found the lessons were difficult at first, buy gradually got easier. Steve's teaching methods were good and he was able to answer all my questions, and gave me good advice when needed. I would recommend Steve he is very friendly and made the lessons fun. He teaches to a very high standard thanks." Greg Hawkins of Bath

    Greg Hawkins

  • Polly Netto of Bath 1st time practical driving test pass on 8th August “I was really nervous when I first started my driving lessons, but Steve made me feel comfortable and more confident as the lessons progressed. Steve was very patient and gave me clear instructions, he pushed me and challenged me just enough. His use of coaching and questioning made me learn quicker. Steve was everything you would want in a driving instructor, especially if you are nervous. I would recommend Accelerate Bath Driving School to everyone”.

    Polly Netto

  • “I chose Accelerate Bath Driving School because of all the good reviews. I found my driving instructor Stephen Paraskeva to be very patient, he explained everything very well, and he made me feel relaxed through out the lessons. I enjoyed learning with Steve, and have already recommended Accelerate Bath Driving School to my friends. I can’t think of much that could be improved with my driving lessons, the service was excellent and an all round great experience thanks again Steve” Alex Russell, Bath

    Alex Russell

  • "Steve is a great instructor. His encouragement and advice has helped me gain confidence in my driving. Thanks to his clear instructions and training it has helped me learn to drive in a few lessons. I would always recommend him to friends because he is good at teaching people new to driving." Alex Skuse, Bath

    Alex Skuse

  • "Steve is an excellent instructor. I've been learning to drive with Steve the past couple of months and each lesson you learn something new. He is very fair with how the lessons are planned and is consistently happy and a friendly face to talk to. He has a lot of wisdom to share with new drivers and I would recommend him to anyone in a heart beat." Jonny Deft , Keynsham

    Jonny Deft

  • "Having had a previous instructor before Steve, the change over was mind blowing as to how much quicker I was learning. Having Steve as an instructor was just great! he gave me confidence in driving and was patient when I was learning. Steves advice and calming presence was a huge help on the day of the test, calming my nerves and preparing me for the test. It was a great feeling being able to freely ask regular questions, it also sped up the whole learning process. Thank you so much for helping me pass my test first time !" Becky Murray Bath

    Becky Murray

  • Passing my driving test took a lot of hard work, but having Steve as my instructor made the process both easy and enjoyable. Without his patience I definitely wouldn’t have my license! Not only that, Steve has also taught me to drive both safely and with great confidence. I fully recommend Accelerate Bath – Steve, you’re a legend!" Hugo J .Walker, Bath

    Hugo J .Walker

  • "Learning to drive with Steve was just a delight. I learnt fast and was confident behind the wheel very quickly. Steve made lessons fun and we always had a laugh. He always made things easy to understand and explained everything I didn’t get very well. I am now a very confident driver, all thanks to Steve at Accelerate Bath. Thank you!" Kristie Conway, Bath

    Kristie Conway

  • "I honestly thought that I was unable to get the hang of driving especially as I waiting too long to learn. But Steve helped me through my anxiety and helped me to pass first time." Clychelle Mann Bath

    Clychelle Mann

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