• Driving Lessons Bath Accelerate Bath Driving School. We are so confident with the way we teach that if you not happy with your driving lesson, and you think you have not learnt anything on your driving lesson, then you do not have to pay your driving instructor for it. We are sure you will enjoy your driving lessons and we will get you to test standard as quickly as we can.

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  • I could tell you how wonderful we are at Accelerate Bath Driving School, but talk is cheap so we like to let our customers do the talking.

    We have so many good reviews from satisfied customers, this is why we have built such a good reputation.


  • Not all driving schools are the same, how are you to know which one to chose. With Accelerate Driving School we follow a training plan, to get you to test standard

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  • Failing Sucks! there is no other way to put it. But it might not have been your fault, were you prepared for your driving test. Did you do some mock tests before

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  • When it comes to being nervous don't think you are along, many people suffer from nerves but a lot of people hide it well. There is nothing wrong with being nervous

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  • I am driving around aimlessly on my lessons, you will be surprised how many times I hear this when someone phones me up to change their driving instructor. Not all driving

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  • Driving Lessons Bath Accelerate Bath Driving School our main focus is on customer success, we want you to pass your driving test 1st time. The more people that do pass their driving test 1st time the more the word is spread about how we train our pupils to a high standard. It is a big mistake to think that all driving schools are the same, if they were I would not have people ringing me up who have been with another driving instructor. Statistics show that 30% of all learners will change their driving instructor before passing their driving test.

    All our driving lessons are structured and a record is kept of every driving lesson, I have lots of pupils come to me from other driving instructors who have not kept a record. I also hear over and over that the pupils just went for a drive and were not made to correct their driving faults, this is why they are failing their driving tests.

    If your driving lessons do not start with a recap of the last driving lesson, then you work out together what you the pupil wants to achieve on that driving lesson. At the end of the driving lesson you should recap what you have just done and your driving instructor should be checking what knowledge you have gained from your driving lesson then you could be wasting your hard earned cash. As in all walks of life their will be driving instructors who are just out to take your money.

    At Accelerate Bath Driving School we will do everything we can to help you pass first time on your driving lessons, we have a money back guarantee. If you feel you have not learnt anything on your driving lessons then you can ask for that lessons money back. But we would like something from you.

    1. Firstly for you to commit to weekly 2 hour driving lessons, this will help you to learn quicker.
    2. You pass your theory test within 8 weeks of starting your driving lessons, it will stop you being held up later and will help with your knowledge of road signs and the hazard perception will help you to deal with hazards on the road.

     We can help you if you suffer from nerves, lots of people feel like this at the start of their driving lessons. But with a little help we can help you overcome your nerves and become a confident driver. You may also lack confidence behind the wheel, the worst thing for you would be taken into areas beyond your ability. This is why we will build your confidence one step at a time with our training program.

    You may have passed your driving test but not driven for a few months or even a few years and want a refresher lesson, no problem with a quick assessment we can see where you are with your driving. Then with a bit of help we can put you on the right track, getting you behind the wheel on your own again.

    We seem to be getting a lot of pupils who want to transfer from another driving school, who are not happy with their present driving instructor coming to us, we will soon have you up to test standard and have you taking your test as soon as possible. How will we know when you are ready? We will get you to take some mock tests, firstly for you to feel what the real test is like, and for us to see if you are ready to take the real driving test.

    We also can help with test rescue if you have failed your driving test and want to pass next time, if you feel your training has not been up to standard then give us a call so we can help you get your driving licence on 01225 683123

  • We Don't Do Cheap Lessons

    Do you wear Nike trainers or Primark specials. We may not be the cheapest, but you get what you pay for.